Coronavirus Update

As of May 2023

Covid-19 remains widespread as are Influenza and other winter illnesses. Please continue to follow Ministry of Health guidelines to slow virus spread and keep those that remain vulnerable safe.
GET TESTED if you have any symptoms of a cold.

Anti-viral TREATMENT FOR COVID-19 is available for anyone over 65yrs of age, and many others depending on ethnicity and medical conditions. LET US KNOW if you test positive, and check this link to see if you are eligible:

PLEASE let the staff know if you have symptoms of a cold as we must take extra safety precautions. WE WILL STILL SEE YOU if you need medical care.

Please STAY HOME AND SELF-ISOLATE if you have symptoms of a cold, even if your test has come back negative. Be mindful that not everyone wants to share what you have!!

The vaccine is available across the road at Flagstaff Pharmacy and we will be able to give it here once staff capacity and training allow.