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Flu vaccines available for all at $30.00.

For queries & information on the Coronovirus, call: 0800 358 5453
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Coronavirus Update

We have survived Level 4 Lockdown- and we hope you did too!

Flagstaff Medical Centre has been operating differently through the lockdown, with most of our consultations being done remotely. That is, we will talk on the phone or maybe set up a video consultation with you.
It looks different, but WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

This will continue under Level 3, and to a lesser extent going forward.

So if you wish to talk to your Doctor or one of our nurses, just call and we will arrange it. We are still seeing people face to face when that is both necessary and safe to do so.

We have a good chance of beating this virus in New Zealand, but that does not mean we can get complaisant. There are still cases being reported, and some of those do not even have symptoms.
Our best bet is to continue to STAY IN OUR BUBBLE as much as possible, and continue with proper social distancing, and regular hand hygiene.
This will be doubly important for those of you that are heading back to work.
The MOH advice is to assume that every person and every surface you touch has Coronavirus on it!

The Ministry of Health web site has answers to all your questions- look them up and follow their updates as the situation changes:

IF YOU DEVELOP THE SYMPTOMS OF A COLD - you MUST let someone know and get tested.
You can call us on 8540189, or the Healthline on 08003585453.
We can test you here, or you will be directed to a Community based testing centre.
If you have symptoms, you should STAY HOME AND ISOLATE - and even if your test is negative, you must remain home until you have had NO symptoms for 48 hours.

We will get through this and if we all do our part, New Zealand will continue to open back to some semblance of (a new) normal.