For queries & information on the Coronovirus, call: 0800 358 5453
International: +64 9 358 5453


Coronavirus Update

As of January 2022.

We ARE OPEN for business. Phone consultations, video consultations and In-Person visits are available.

Omicron is starting to get into the community, and it will spread quickly. Please continue to follow Ministry of Health guidelines to slow virus spread and keep those that remain vulnerable safe.

Please email us or call and talk to our team for any medical concerns and any questions you may have about the covid vaccine. HOWEVER, when case numbers rise we will be VERY busy, so FIRST click on the link below for helpful links to most frequently asked questions.

PLEASE let the staff know if you have symptoms of a cold as we must take extra safety precautions. WE WILL STILL SEE YOU if you need medical care.
GET A TEST if you have symptoms of a cold; we can do this here, or the Community Based Assessment Centre at the Founders Theatre is still open, including limited hours on the weekend.

Please STAY HOME AND SELF-ISOLATE if you have symptoms of a cold, even if your test has come back negative. Be mindful that not everyone wants to share what you have!!

The vaccine is available across the road at Flagstaff Pharmacy and we will be able to give it here once staff capacity and training allow.

The vaccines are extremely safe and effective against hospitalisation and severe illness. But most vaccinated people can still get a mild infection and pass it on to others, especially with the Omicron strain if you have not had a booster immunisation.
And some of those ‘Others’ will still be vulnerable to severe illness, particularly the elderly and those with health conditions. Vaccines and safety precautions ARE NOT JUST ABOUT YOU.

Be aware that there is a lot of misinformation and downright lying out there. Listen to trusted sources that actually did proper research (trolling social media is not research) and if in doubt we are happy to answer questions and concerns.